Server Wide Modules

Odoo 8/9

Probuse Admin

What is Server Wide Modules? Answer: Modules which has to be loaded/installed as server wide. For example: web, web_kanban.

Two Ways to Install Server Wide Modules in Odoo

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If you have created apps which has to be loaded has server wide modules then you have to do specific configuration to able to install it on Odoo.

1. Using Load: Run your Odoo server with option 
--load=web,web_kanban,custom_server_wide_module option while running server if you do not want to specify on Odoo configuration file (odoo-server.conf). 

2. Using Config File: In configuration file (odoo-server.conf), you have to specify key for server_wide_modules as below:

server_wide_modules = web,web_kanban,custom_server_wide_module