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Odoo 14.0 Installation Ubuntu Few Commands

Odoo 14.0 Commands to Fix Some Packages

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September 2020   535 views

Postgres Error for OLD version


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June 2019   3041 views

Odoo Database Backup Zip and Dump

Odoo DB Backup Process

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June 2019   854 views

Odoo wkhtmltopdf Issue and Solution


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April 2019   1243 views

Odoo Wkhtmltopdf Issue in Printing PDF Report

Wkhtmltopdf Odoo Install

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March 2019   970 views

Install Suds in Python 3.5 Ubuntu for Odoo

Jurko Suds Python Package

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November 2017   3703 views

Install xlrd in Python 3.5 Ubuntu

XLRD Install Ubuntu

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November 2017   4983 views

Odoo 11 Install Ubuntu Desktop

Odoo 11.0 Install on Ubuntu Desktop

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October 2017   2421 views

Odoo View Partner / Document Company logo

Odoo Notification Email

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September 2017   1152 views

Mixed Content Request Blocked HTTP and HTTPS


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August 2017   2126 views

Odoo Header/Footer/CSS report Missing layout

Odoo PDF Report Wkhtmltopdf

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July 2017   3541 views

Access Terminal Command without loggin in Ubuntu

Ubuntu Terminal

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May 2017   2288 views

Space Issue VPS For Logger - Postgres - Odoo

VPS Full Space or Disk

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December 2016   1067 views

Odoo NGINX Timeout Issue

Timeout Issue on Load

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September 2016   10118 views

Database Backup Error Odoo

Can not allocate memory

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September 2016   2298 views

SSH - Connection - VPS - Putty Client (Using PPK file)

SSH - Using PPK file

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September 2016   2396 views

Odoo Module Install Timeout Issue

NGINX Server

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September 2016   1939 views

Python recaptcha Ubuntu Install - Odoo

Python Recaptcha

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September 2016   1291 views

Timezone - Server - Odoo

Odoo Server Timezone

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August 2016   2444 views

Postgres Error

Postgres Restart Server

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July 2016   2036 views