Odoo Document Management Directory and Numbering

Odoo Document Management System

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Odoo Attachment/Document Extension with Directory and Numbering

This module will add below features to document/attachment module of Odoo and only allow Document Manager to handle and view below listed features.

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1. Creation directory/folder by model/object.

2. Every directory/folder having separate sequence numbering for attachments.

3. Security on directory so only specific group can access/create document/attachment inside that directory. (Optional if you do not select group then no security).

4. Directory hierarcy view.

5. Document menu is only avaialble for Document Manager group. (New group has been created for Document Manager).

6. This app is totally dedicated to Document Manager who manage document of ERP.7. If there is not direcotry available for any model/object then attachment/document will follow DOC/ generic sequence.

Available Menus:

  • Document
  • Document/Directories
  • Document/Directories/Directories
  • Document/Directories/Directories Structure
  • Document/Documents
  • Document/Documents/Documents

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