Odoo Material Requisition Integrate Job Cost Sheet

Job Costing and Material Requisition

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Odoo Material Purchase Requisition and Cost Sheet Integration

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This app allow to integration between job cost sheet and material purchase requisition.

Main Features:

- Allow you to create Job Cost Sheet for Projects/Job Order and plan your Material/Labour/Overheads.

- Allow you to create Material Purchase Requisition and Allow you to link Job Cost Sheet and Job Cost Line with Material Requisition Line.

- Using this app you will have complete idea about your planned Material/Labour/Overheads and Actual requested on Material Requisition request.

- For more details: See Video in live preview

- For more details about Material Requisition and Job Cost Sheet

- Please refer dependant apps link.

Highlighted Flow:

Create Job Cost Sheets under Project -> Plan your Materials, Labour and Overhead for each Project/Job -> View of Planned and Actual Amount/Qty by each Cost Sheet Lines (Material, Labour and Overheads) -> Allow your Material Purchase Requisition to select Job Cost Center (cost sheet) and Job cost line (cost sheet line) to encode for expenses and labour works.

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