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Odoo Purchase Requisition

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Odoo Product/Material Purchase Requisitions by Employees/Users

Main Features:

- Allow your employees to Create Purchase Requisition.

- Employees can request multiple material/items on single purchase Requisition request.

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- Approval of Department Head.

- Approval of Purchase Requisition Head.

- Email notifications to Department Manager, Requisition Manager for approval.

- Request for Purchase Requisition will go to stock/warehouse as internal picking / internal order and purchase order.

- Warehouse can dispatch material to employee location and if material not present then procurment will created by Odoo standard.

- Purchase Requisition user can decide whether product requested by employee will come from stock/warehouse directly or it needs to be purchase from vendor. So we have field on requisition lines where responsible can select Requisition action: 1. Purchase Order 2. Internal Picking. If option 1 is selected then system will create internal order / internal picking request and if option 2 is selected system will create multiple purchase order / RFQ to vendors selected on lines.

- For more details please see Video on live preview or ask us by email...

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