Odoo Service Requisition Task and Purchase

Service Requisition

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Odoo Service Requisition Request to Task and Purchase

Indent Request for Services by Employee/Departments

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Created Menus by App:

  • Service Requisitions
  • Service Requisitions/Service Requisition
  • Service Requisitions/Service Requisition Approve
  • Service Requisitions/Service Requisition Approve/Department Approve
  • Service Requisitions/Service Requisition Approve/Requisition Manager Approve
  • Service Requisitions/Service Requisition/Service Requisition Requests
  • Main Features:

    - Allow your employees to Create Service Requisition.

    - Employees/Department can request multiple Services on single Service Requisition Request.

    - Approval of Service Requisition Request by Department Manager.

    - Approval of Service Requisition Request by Service Requisition Officer.

    - Email notifications to Service Requisition Department Manager, Service Requisition Manager for Approval.

    - Create Task and Create Purchase Order from Service Requisition based on option selected on Service Requisition Request lines

    - Service Requisition user can decide whether service requested by employee will come from task management or it needs to be purchase from vendor. So we have field on requisition lines where responsible can select Requisition action: 1. Purchase Order 2. Create Task. If option 1 is selected then system will create Purchase order request and if option 2 is selected system will create task.

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