Odoo Waste and Recycling with Manufacturing and BOM

Waste Management in Odoo using MRP

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Odoo Waste and Recycling Process with Manufacturing

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This app allow you to process your waste and recycle using Manufacturing module after collection. So once you collect waste then you can do recylcing process using Manufacturing with BOM and specific Routing Process.

Main Features:

  • Allow you to create process request for your waste collection from purchase order.
  • Process for waste and recycling using specific workflow which allow you to create BOM and then Manufacturing order with Routing on BOM.
  • Using this app you will be able to process your waste and recycle it using Manufacturing workflow which will allow you to raise work orders based on your custom routing operations for specific.
  • So process of waste and Recycling will turn into Manufacturing process at last stage.
  • You will be able to specify By products during process request of waste which will be used in BOM.
  • BOM and Manufacturing order creation directly from waste process request form.
  • Totally integrated with Purchase and Manufacturing apps.
  • Flow: Purchse Order -> Waste Process Request -> BOM Creation link with Routing Process -> Manufacturing Order Creation -> Work Order Creation.

  • You can also see https://apps.odoo.com/apps/modules/12.0/waste_recycling_managment/ app for website request of Waste by customers.
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