Purchase Order RFQ from Helpdesk Ticket

Purchase Order from Support Ticket Helpdesk

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RFQ / Purchase Order from Helpdesk Support Ticket

Helpdesk Support Ticket Integrate with Purchase Order

This app allows your helpdesk team to create draft an RFQ / purchase order from the helpdesk support ticket form view as shown below screenshots.

Main Features

  • Allow your helpdesk team to click on Create Vendor RFQ to create Purchase RFQ using a button given on the helpdesk ticket form.
  • The system will allow you to create multiple purchase RFQ for the same helpdesk ticket.
  • Showing Helpdesk Ticket reference on Purchase Order form.
  • Please note that your helpdesk ticket user who is creating a purchase order must have purchase access rights otherwise the system of Odoo gives access error.
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