Probuse Odoo Apps

Probuse Odoo Apps

Odoo Job Cost Sheet Material Planning from Job Order

Job Cost Sheet with Material Planning Odoo

Probuse Admin
September 2018   574 views

Odoo Job Card

Job Card

Probuse Admin
July 2018   1123 views

Odoo Job Drawing Construction and Contracting

Job Order Drawings

Probuse Admin
June 2018   660 views

Odoo Job Order Inspection

Inspection of Job Order

Probuse Admin
May 2018   689 views

Odoo Job Order Stard and Stop Timer and Digital signature

Job Order _ Start and Stop Timer and Signature

Probuse Admin
April 2018   946 views

Odoo Job Order Equipment and equipment Maintenance

Odoo Equipment and Maintenance Request

Odoo Website Job Order Work Order Create

Job Order Work Order Odoo Website

Probuse Admin
November 2017   1259 views

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