Probuse Odoo Apps

Probuse Odoo Apps

Odoo Sales Team Limited Customer Access

Sales Team Members Customer Access Restriction

Probuse Admin
September 2020   505 views

Odoo Customer Invoice Vendor Bill Journal Entry Stages

Stages on Invoice Bill Journal Entry

Probuse Admin
July 2020   400 views

Odoo Customer Digital Signature on Subscription Sales

Digital Signature on Sales subscription

Probuse Admin
July 2020   306 views

Odoo Point of Sale POS Loyalty Reward and Redeem Points

Reward and Redeem Odoo POS

Probuse Admin
September 2018   425 views

Odoo Stock by Location Report

Stock by location Report Odoo Print

Probuse Admin
August 2018   598 views

Odoo Point of Sale Session Report

Odoo POS Session Report

Probuse Admin
July 2017   390 views

Odoo Top Selling Items and Top Customer of Month Odoo

Top Selling Items and Customer

Probuse Admin
July 2017   553 views

Odoo Customer Image on  My Account Portal

Odoo Website Portal Image

Probuse Admin
May 2017   492 views

Odoo Print POS Order and Send by email

Odoo POS Order

Probuse Admin
May 2017   388 views

Odoo Send Festival Greetings Wish Customer

Odoo Festival Wishes

Probuse Admin
April 2017   984 views

Odoo Email / Messages History of Customer/Vendor Odoo

Odoo Emails

Probuse Admin
February 2017   683 views

Reward and Redeem Website Shop Odoo

Odoo Website Rewards Shopping

Probuse Admin
January 2017   577 views

Odoo Account Followup Customer Odoo

Odoo Follow-up

Probuse Admin
January 2017   933 views

Odoo Customer Birthday Wishes/Greetings Odoo

Odoo Birthday

Probuse Admin
January 2017   483 views

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