Probuse Odoo Apps

Probuse Odoo Apps

Laundry Request with Manufacturing Order

MRP Work Orders with Laundry Requets

Probuse Admin
December 2020   184 views

Odoo Self Service Laundry Management

Laundry Self Service

Probuse Admin
December 2020   169 views

Laundry Request with Material Requisition

Laundry Request with Material Request

Probuse Admin
December 2020   254 views

Odoo Laundry Dry Cleaning with Job Cost Sheet

Job Costing For Laundry Request

Probuse Admin
December 2020   170 views

Odoo Laundry Collection and Delivery Appoinments

Collection and Delivery Appoinments Laundry App

Probuse Admin
December 2020   155 views

Odoo Laundry Dry Cleaning Service Request

Laundry Service Software in Odoo

Probuse Admin
December 2020   218 views

Odoo Employee Expense Advance Request

Odoo Expense Advance Request

Probuse Admin
May 2017   815 views

Odoo Salary Structure Payroll Approve

Odoo Payroll

Probuse Admin
April 2017   442 views

Odoo Create RFQ Purchase Order from Opportunity CRM

Odoo CRM - Purchase Order

Probuse Admin
January 2017   460 views

Odoo Create Quotation from Opportunity

Odoo Quote from CRM

Probuse Admin
January 2017   631 views

Employee Advance Salary Request


Probuse Admin
May 2016   1214 views

Payroll Extend

Odoo 8 and 9

Probuse Admin
January 2016   599 views

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