Odoo Code Hints

Odoo Code Hints

Odoo Automated Actions Send Email

Automated Actions in Odoo

Mustufa Rangwala
March 2021   48 views

Today Filter in Search View

Today Domain Filter Apply in Search View as Filter

Mustufa Rangwala
November 2020   81 views

Odoo 14.0 Report Fromat Change

Report Format Changes in V 14.0 Odoo

Mustufa Rangwala
September 2020   548 views

Run Sh Script to Mass Pull Directories of Bitbucket

git pull using sh script for multiple repository

Mustufa Rangwala
September 2020   89 views

Odoo Email Template Date Operation

Email Template Date Operation

Mustufa Rangwala
August 2020   152 views

Odoo Automated Action with Many2many Field Write

Automated Action Odoo

Mustufa Rangwala
May 2020   235 views

Field Default focus in Wizard

Auto Focus Default Focus Odoo field

Mustufa Rangwala
July 2019   748 views

How to Loan Div/Section instead of Full page Load

JS Example

Mustufa Rangwala
June 2019   322 views

Odoo Timezone Issue for PDF Qweb Report

PDF Qweb Report Timezone Issue

Mustufa Rangwala
June 2019   1407 views

Odoo Barcode Generate Code

Sample Code for Barcode

Mustufa Rangwala
June 2019   395 views

Odoo Compute Partner res.partner

Read Access Error issue during compute partners fix

Mustufa Rangwala
June 2019   385 views

Odoo Date Format as Odoo System Date

Dateformat Change as Per Odoo System

Mustufa Rangwala
May 2019   375 views

Odoo Add Follower using Automated Action

Followers add using Automated Action

Mustufa Rangwala
April 2019   403 views

Read TXT file in Odoo Code using Binary Field

Read TXT file in Odoo

Mustufa Rangwala
April 2019   1211 views

Odoo Python Monkey Patch

Monkey Patch in Python

Mustufa Rangwala
December 2018   958 views

Float time to Hours Mins Conversion Python Odoo

Python Float Time to Hours

Mustufa Rangwala
December 2018   981 views

Sitemap.xml Odoo

Odoo Sitemap

Mustufa Rangwala
December 2017   870 views

Odoo Format Amount in Portugese

Float Field Format

Mustufa Rangwala
November 2017   646 views

Odoo Passing Value in Website Popup Wizard V11

Website Popup Wizard Pass Value

Mustufa Rangwala
November 2017   1298 views

Load Default Value from Controller to Page Web Editor

Controller Default value Return to Web Form

Mustufa Rangwala
October 2017   609 views

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