Employee Advance Salary Request


Probuse Admin


This module allow employee to request for advance salary. Main Features

  * Employee advance salary request

  * Set salary limit on job position

  * Department Manager Approval

  * HR Officer/Manager Approval

  * Director Approval

  * Integrated with accounting for payment

  * Integrated with HR Payroll / Employee Payslips

We have created Department Manager, Director groups under settings/users/groups to control whole process.

Workflow: Draft->Confirmed->Approved by Department->Approved by HR->Approved by Director->Paid->Done

Menus Available:

  • Employees/Advance Salary
  • Employees/Advance Salary/Advance Salary Requests
  • Employees/Advance Salary/Department Approvals
  • Employees/Advance Salary/Director Approvals
  • Employees/Advance Salary/HR Approvals
  • Invoicing/Purchases/Advance Salary Requests


Few Screenshots