Odoo is a comprehensive software solution that combines ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) and website/ecommerce functionalities.

Odoo, previously known as OpenERP and TinyERP, offers a comprehensive suite of open core enterprise management applications designed for companies of all sizes. The suite encompasses billing, accounting, manufacturing, purchasing, warehouse management, and project management.

The source code for the OpenObject framework and core ERP modules is overseen by Odoo S.A., based in Belgium. In addition to this, an active global community and a network of 500 official partners provide customized programming, support, and other services. The primary components of Odoo include the OpenObject framework, approximately 30 core modules (official modules), and over 3000 community modules.

Odoo has been integrated into university courses as a learning tool. A study on experiential learning indicated that OpenERP serves as a viable alternative to proprietary systems for educational purposes.

Numerous books have been published on Odoo, focusing on specific areas like accounting or development. The platform has been recognized with awards such as Trends Gazelle and BOSSIE Awards for three consecutive years.