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This app is developed to handle business/industries of Car Repairs using Odoo.

Main Features:*

Your Customer can send car repair request from your website and also attach documents.

* Generation of unique car repair request on submission and record it as repair request in backend.

* Customer can check status of all car repair request tickets submitted by him/her on My Account page.

* Diagnosys of car repair requests and create quotation and send to your customer.

* Create Job Order / Work Order and assigned to Responsible or Technician.

* Configure Car Repair teams, Services, Service types.

* Configure Cars and Cars Parts.

* Car Repair More images.

* Print PDF - Car Repair Request

* Car Repair Request User / Technician can communicate with customer using chatter and fill timesheet.

* Car Repair Request Manager can close ticket and send bill to customer (Billing from Quotation created from Diagnosys).

* Customer can give feedback and rating of Car Repair Request.

* Manage your Car Repair Request tickets using assignment to multiple Car Repair Request teams.

* Reports -> Car Repair Request in PDF, Car Repair Lable and Car Repair Analysis Available* For more details you can watch Video.

Menus Available:->

Car Repair

-> Car Repair/Configuration

-> Car Repair/Configuration/Car Repair Teams

-> Car Repair/Configuration/Service Types

-> Car Repair/Configuration/Services

-> Car Repair/Car Repairs/Service

-> Car Repair/Car Repairs/Service/Car Diagnosys

-> Car Repair/Car Repairs/Service/Car Repair Tickets

-> Car Repair/Car Repairs/Service/Car WorkOrders

-> Car Repair/Cars-> Car Repair/Cars/Cars Parts

-> Car Repair/Cars/Cars

-> Car Repair/Reports

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