Odoo Invoice Journal Entry Cancel Reason

Cancel Reason Invoice / Bill / Journal Entry / Refund

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Invoice / Bill / Journal Entry / Refunds / Receipts Cancel Process with Reason

Invoice Cancel Process with Reason

Odoo Invoice / Bill / Journal Entry / Refunds Cancel Process with Cancel Reason

This app will allow your accounting and invoicing team to add cancellation reason during cancel process.

Main Features:

  • Cancel Reasons menu to configure.
  • Apply Cancel Reason checkbox on Accounting Journal Form if this is ticked on journal then only cancel reason wizard and reason come.
  • When you cancel Invoice / Bill / Journal Entry / Refunds and if selected journal with Apply Cancel Reason Boolean Ticked then only cancel reason will come otherwise it will go with odoo standard cancel process.
  • When Click on cancel button on Invoice / Bill / Journal entry / Refunds system will open wizard to select reason and reason details and then it will be stored.
  • After giving cancel reason on wizard system will also process odoo standard cancel logic so our reason process does not effect odoo standard cancel logic/process.
  • Showing Cancellation details on Invoice / Bill / Journal entry / Refunds / Receipts form as history.
  • Email will be sent to customer if checkbox is ticked on wizard during cancel reason.
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