Odoo -  Twitter Integration

Odoo 8 & 9

Probuse Admin

This module will allow to integrate Odoo with Twitter. Features:
1. Synchronize Twitter followers in Odoo (Odoo Twitter Followers)
2. Send Personal Message to follower from Odoo.
3. Send Group Personal Message to followers from Odoo.
4. Tweet to own company twitter wall from Odoo.

Settings/Twitters/Tweet History
Settings/Twitters/Tweet Now
Settings/Twitters/Twitter Followers
Settings/Twitters/Twitter Synch

External Library: Please install the twython python library on server. For Linux type command in terminal: sudo easy_install pip AND sudo pip install twython OR https://pypi.python.org/pypi/twython/1.2  

Document is available inside the module to configure Twitter.

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