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Odoo Website Property Lease/Tenant Management

This module allow visitor of your website and your customers to get information about property (Office, home, warehouse, etc) online from Odoo website shop and allow them send you inquiry of property they would like to lease. 

Workflow of module will be:

- Visitor/Customer visit your website and search for product/property which you want to lease for certain period.

- Visitor/Customer can view detail of property on product shop page and also use view details button which will give detail information about property/home/office.

- Visitor/Customer can send online request which will create Lead in backend.

- Sales team can checking all leads during day and reply to visitor/customer about details they need and communicate with them using open chatter at bottom of lead/opportunity form.- Sales team can fill some more information on lead form like tenant and owner details.

- Sales team can arrange meeting with visitor/customer and show site location physically and give more information.

- Then Sales team can submit quote to customer. (On quote form sales team has to fill d-etails of tenant and owner manually again).

- On confirmation of quote system will create contract/agreement (Using module contract_recurring_invoice_analytic).

- On confirmation of quote it will also book that product/property for that period selected on quote as start date and date date so this property will not be available for future visitors/customers untill it will unserved in future after completing/closing agreement. (Add to cart button will be hide in webshop.). System will also consider cancel sales order flow in that case it will make available that property and unreserved it for new customers.

- Every month/period system can create invoice/receipt to tanent to pay rent. (Using module contract_recurring_invoice_analytic).

- Miscellaneous: You can create property types, set property location, customer/visitor can view property location in google map in website, visitor/customer can download documents for property in website.

- System keep record of rental history of every property. - System can allow you to print agreement with tenant and owner details.

Created Menus :

  • Rental History
    • Rental Histories
  • Property
    • Property Types

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