Sales Order Vendor Select for RFQ Purchase MTO

MTO Flow with Sales Order Line Vendor Selection

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Sales Order Vendor Used to Create Purchase Order for MTO

Add Supplier/Vendor on Sales Order Lines for MTO Flow

This app allows you to select a vendor on the sales order line which will be used as a vendor to make RFQ/Purchase order for Make to Order (MTO) flow in inventory procurement as shown in below screenshots.

Main Features:

  • Allow you to make a Purchase Order From Sales Order for Selected Vendor on Sales Order Lines for MTO flow only.
  • Providing the functionality to select a single vendor to the sales order line which is configured as a supplier on product form in Purchase tab.
  • Configure needed: Storable Products with Routes as below (ODOO STANDARD setup):
    • Replenish on Order (MTO) (You must have to UNARCHIVED from the Routes menu in Odoo).
    • Buy
  • Configure Service Products with Option (ODOO STANDARD setup):
    • Purchase Automatically
  • Configure Supplier to the Products (ODOO STANDARD setup) in Purchase Tab.
  • Allow to select a Vendor on Sales Order Lines from only suppliers listed on selected Product.
  • If selected vendor's Purchase Order is not created or Purchase Order is not in Draft state then create new PO/RFQ with selected vendor if Available Quantity not in Location. (This is also Odoo standard flow). Our app does not change anything on creation and updation of purchase order when procurement runs.
  • If the Selected Vendor's Purchase Order is in Draft state then it will add a new line or update quantity in the same RFQ / Purchase Order.
  • If Vendor is not selected on the Sales Order Line so flow will work as normal as odoo is providing.
  • Important note: Our app only provides features where you can select a Vendor on Sales order line for MTO flow when purchase order / RFQ create then our module will force to use selected vendor on sales order line instead of taking from Vendors listed on product form.
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