Survey Extension(Rating-Result- Action)

Odoo 9

Probuse Admin
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This module provide extended features on survey module:

* Survey Rating Based On Answers and Rules
* Survey Results Based On Answers and Rules
* Survey Actions Based On Answers and Rules

Let's see example:
Question 1: What is your name?
Question 2: What is your age?
Question 3: What is your education?
Question 4: What is your interested subjects?[Dependant]

In above survey page you can configure question relationships and based on those rules it can execute three different actions during survey and end of survey.

1. Popup Question, 2. Run Server Actions, 3. Results
Make sure you have set Dependant checkbox on Question 4 since it is depends on rules which Age is > 18.

* You have choice to show new questions based on answers given on same page, show result at end of survey with ratings per questions and execute server actions (For example sending email if answer match your rules.).
* Easy and flexible to setup rules. 
* Allow user to use AND and OR operators same time on single condition same like python code.!

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