PROBUSE adheres to various project management methodologies.

What we adhere to.


Probuse primarily utilizes the Agile methodology in 75% of cases, as opposed to other project management methodologies. Agile allows for swift and continuous delivery of products to our customers. Unlike traditional methods, Agile does not have a clearly defined end product at the beginning, allowing for a quick implementation process.

Although commonly used in software development, Agile can also be effective in various other types of projects. It is essential for practitioners to have streamlined project management processes in place to meet the short time frames that Agile requires.

One of the key advantages of Agile is the continuous engagement with customers throughout the project cycle. By involving customers in the implementation process, they can provide feedback and suggestions, leading to a more beneficial end product.

Rather than completing the entire project at once, Agile breaks down development into sprints with small deliverables. This iterative process involves implementing each feature or app, showcasing it to customers, and then moving on to the next component.

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We at Probuse sometimes utilize the Waterfall methodology for 25% of our projects, as opposed to other project management methodologies.  

In the traditional waterfall development process, each phase must be completed before moving on to the next one. This sequential approach ensures that the project progresses smoothly through stages like requirement gathering, design, development, testing, User acceptance testing, issue resolution, and deployment.